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ABOUT Daye University Department of Space Design

About the Department

The school cooperates with and thinks about the all-round relationship between design and art education, and has established a more robust "Design and Art School". Following the trend of the society, the Department of Space Design was established in the 1985 year of the Republic of China. Since this department is mainly a professional design field that combines environment, architecture, interior and exhibition space, it was inevitable to encounter many difficulties when it was first established, but in the end, the department was established with the undaunted efforts of the principal and several teachers.

In view of the change of the current social pattern and the trend of the future environment, and consider the relevant foreign education system, think about the education policy of the relevant domestic institutes; since the 1988 of the Republic of China, this department has become the only space design department in the national university education system. Department; the insistence of this department is because the department employs teachers with many years of practical experience in various fields, not limited to teachers of architectural technology design, so it can develop in a balanced manner in various fields of space design. Since the 100th year of the Republic of China, the student status has been divided into architecture group and interior design group.

Department Mission

Tomorrow Starts Now

The department's five educational goals include (basic, professional, integrated, and international outlook), and its connotations include knowledge imparting, technical training, thinking innovation, team spirit, lifelong learning, and global vision, which are fully in line with the school's teaching that takes into account both theory and practice. Cultivate professional design talents with innovative and practical capabilities:

1. Possess professional basic knowledge: train students to have the planning and design ability of various spaces of different scales, and cultivate professional design talents in three-dimensional spaces.


2. Be good at using technological media: In response to the needs of the era of digitalization of information and changes in design tools, integrate design and the application of digital media to train students to be professional design talents who have a three-dimensional space and even transcend 3D limitations.


3. Be able to integrate design planning: Through the implementation of Co-Studio courses, students can be trained to effectively manage the overall design process.


4. New ideas for solving individual cases: Extensively absorb new art, new technology, and new design thinking, and integrate various spatial scales and environmental behavior needs as the basis for overall planning and design.


5. Implement the concept of all-round design: cultivate students' balanced development in theory and design practice. Ability to communicate, cooperate, integrate and manage design. At the same time, professional ethics and social responsibility are taken into consideration to complete the human-centered design.


Department Highlights

The Passion of Education

Through the multi-education of humanities, society and culture, based on conceptual thinking, students are encouraged to have spatial creativity and imagination in design.


In order to enable students to be competent in space design, the teaching plan pursues a balanced development of theoretical research and practical skills.


Introduce computer-aided design teaching, and balance the development of professional capabilities in architecture, landscape and interior design, and cultivate design cooperation and management capabilities.


Emphasize the development of professional ability, and cultivate design cooperation and management ability for various situations of industrial structure. ˙Cooperate with industrial cooperation research projects to achieve the effect of both industry and learning.


The departments of the School of Design each play an important role in design education, and through mutual support and integration, the highest ideal of overall design is achieved.

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